• The difference between Semiconductor Fingerprint Sensor and Optical Fingerprint Sensor
    A semiconductor fingerprint sensor, often capacitive, relies on electrical conductivity to create an image of fingerprint patterns. It offers high accuracy and durability. In contrast, an optical fingerprint sensor captures a fingerprint image using light...
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  • How many control panels and How many cabinet locks are controlled
    Well, in order to facilitate your understanding,<br/>How many control panels and How many cabinet locks are controlled.<br/>I just made a table for your reference,as following:
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  • Quick Write Card Number vs RFID Demo
    1, connect the pc and reader use the serial port, and use the “RFIDDemo.exe”;<br/><br/>1. Fixed editable number<br/>2. Serial number<br/>3. Serial number Incremental mode and increment<br/>4. Serial number writing format,(Select card number format ac...
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  • QR-86 QR Code HTTP Interface Protocol Specification
    HTTP protocol description:I. card reader parameter configuration:2. Illustration of instance interface:HTTP Send the interface:mcardsea.phpRequest format: http:// server address /qa/ McArdsep.php (this suffix is changed by docking service language, …
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  • QR-86 QR Code Card Reader PC Software Manual
    1. Open QR-86 Card Reader Software ,enter QR code Reader parameter setting page,2.Use mini USB data cable connect the QR code reader to PC, fill-in light on, buzzer rings, QR code reader start done, then use the internet cable connect the QR code Reader t…
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  • How to Disable / Enable WEB option for ACB Network Controller?
    ACB-001,ACB-002,ACB-004Access Control Board how to Setup Web Controller function:  Install software,this is interface when we installed..User Name: abcPassword: 123  1.Add New Controller:click  “ Configuration ” >> " …
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  • What is a Push to Exit Button?
    What is a Push to Exit Button?Push to exit buttons are an essential part of s4a access control applications. It is a spring-loaded, button which is often mounted on a stainless steel plate. The button comes in different styles. It can be a simple or large…
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  • FAQ for UHF Passive RFID Reader
     ProblemsPossible ReasonsTry SolutionRead tag distance shorter or don't read tagReader's paramaters settings correct or not?Connect demo : connect--basic parameters-default all parameters--set parametersEnvironmental signal interfer…
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