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    Shear Lock

  • Model:SL-500

  • SL-500 Embedded mounted,super shear lock,integrated design without external board,exquisite appearance with high safety coefficient,support 2600lbs shear force,suitable all kinds of doors,magnetic lock was embedded into the middle or above of the door frame,use magnetic force to catch up door leaf,elegant appearance.Inward door,frameless glass door,narrow door all have a complete set of accessories.Special residual magnetic design makes automatic access control safer and more convenient.

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Product ParameterParameter Description
S4A ModelSL-500
Product NameShear Locks
Lock Size182Lx30Wx25mm 
Armature Plate182Lx30Wx23.6mm 
Power Supply12V/24V DC(auto-adjusting)
Shear holding force 2600lbs(1200kg)
Power consumption(Operation current 900mA;
Standby current 220mA@12VDC / 190mA24VDC).
Operation temperature 0~90℃;
Humidity 85%Rh max.
Standard Package12PCS
Carton Weight14.8KG
Carton Size32*30*25 (cm)




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