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    CISA Lock with Nickle

  • Model:ER-D3 ( Right Open )

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Product ParameterParameter Description
S4A ModelER-D3
Product NameCISA Lock with Nickle

Double connected cylinders electric rim lock
Brass connected lock cylinders
Lock body: steel
Brass big latch; Brass small bolt

With strike plate
With plastics roller
With press button
With NC/NO function

Surface finishedsilver gray painted
Lock thickness2mm
Keys5pcs brass keys with nickel plated
Lock size148x107x35mm
Voltage 12-18VDC
Keys5 pieces, brass and nickle plating
Working voltage12V DC
Working current3A
Operation time0.5s
Suitable forMetal door, wooden door, Stainless steel door
Warranty2 years or >200,000 times
Door thicknesses35 to 50mm
Use of electronically controlled, key or manually to open door


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