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    Standard-type Electric Strike

  • Model:ES-100

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Product ParameterParameter Description
S4A ModelES-100 series
Product NameStandard-type Electric Strike lock

ES-100AFail-secure type (Power to unlock)
ES-100BFail-safe type (Power to lock)

Lock Size 150Lx39Wx31H(mm)
Holding Stength 800kg
Bolt structure Stainless Steel
Voltage 12VDC
Current 360mA(ES-100A ) / 200mA(ES-100B)
Surface Temperature Within +20°C
Suitable Temperature -10~+25°C(14-131F)
Bolt Housing Stainless steel,Draw the Polishing of silk
Function Built-out MOV
Suitable For Wooden Door,Metal Door,PVC Door
Opening Mode 90 Degree Swinging Door

Unit Weight0.38KG
Standard Package30PCS
Carton Weight11.5KG
Carton Size55*31*21 (cm)



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