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    Embedded ID iButton Reader

  • Model:ID-WG26

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ID-WG26 iButton Wiegand Reader is sealed and is not afraid of water and dust. Degree of protection IP65

Case  material  is Polyamide.

It is a good conductor of heat and melts at a high temperature. 

So when you set it on a metal surface he is not afraid of fire, because he manages to convey all the warmth of the metal surface .

The size of the reader is only 25 mm. 

It is above the surface only 3 mm. It cannot be brought down from the surface.

The reader is impossible to remove from the outside. 

And even the destruction of his body impossible to gain access to the conductors with which it is connected.

Product ParameterParameter Description
S4A ModelID-WG26
Product NameEmbedded ID iButton Reader

Operating frequency125KHz
Range of card reading2-6 cm
Protocol for connection to the controllerWiegand 26
Power supply 6 - 18 VDC
Current consumption 35 mA
Light indication Red LED
Housing material Polyamide

Unit Weight0.027KG
Standard Package300PCS/carton
Carton Weight8.1KG
Carton Size26*36*44(cm)

In standby mode, there is a red light. 

At the moment of touch by key fob, the red light will turn off for one second.  

While the card close to the reader, the light indication is disabled. 



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