S4A Industrial Co.,Limited
+86 130 40800588
Skype: crypton0929
E-mail: sales@S4A.cn
Address: 2nd floor of Jinmin'an Industrial Zone, #529, Bulong Rd. Bantian St. Longgang Dist. Shenzhen,PRC.518129

Company profile


S4A ( Security for ALL )


Our enterprise mission is to make your residential home and office more secure.with our rapid development technology,

we are closing to this goal.during past 11 years.we cultivate a strong and energetic team for S4A' clients.


Quality is top priority

All products get through quality checking and being test 24 hours before delivery


Responsible teams

All sales are trained for 6 month before real contact with customers.And there are 3 shifts : 24 hours x7 online service.


Professional Support

we have 2 engineer team,1 team is responsible for re-sales inquiry,1 team is responsible for after-sales support.

S4A Top 10 Rules


1. As a high-efficient and pragmatic enterprise,we maintain the outstanding achievements come first! 

2. Take your honors and bonus if you leave, we are the best witnesses of your ability. 

3. Compare what your excellent colleagues done when share the same condition before you state the complaints. 

4. An enterprise always appreciates the sales man like when he is facing difficulties and hard tasks, but skilled at analytic and solutions. 

5. The obsolete experience would be your barrier,keep learing and making progress.


6. The only value for the salesman to serve is to creat benefits for customers. 

7. Your can’t be always success unless you take much flexibility and endeavor.

8. The prevailing features sharing with the whole word salesman are Affection,self-confidence,perception and morality. 

9. We put your education,background and experience aside,but the Contribution is the only criterion of your value to be here.

10. To serve our customers with full-heart and dedication among the competition.

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